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Your Time Coaching

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Your Time Coaching

Having worked with Sarah for several years at Clarks, she was first on my list when I decided I was in need of some help working through a change in career. Sarah is a brilliant listener and not afraid to ask challenging questions which really helped me cement my priorities.

Sarah really helped me understand my transferable skills and give me the confidence to talk about myself positively which I’ve never really felt comfortable with.

With Sarah’s help I have made huge improvements to my CV & my LinkedIn profile which I’m sure are going to help with my job search.

Sarah is truly lovely and her regular pep talks have really helped me on my journey. If you are looking for a career coach, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Sarah.

Trish - Merchandiser, Somerset

My time had come after being a full time mum and kids had settled well into school to look for some part time work that could fit around the children but also provide a steady income to not only provide a roof over our head but also to support the activities as a family we wanted to do.

After some research I had been provided an opportunity to do bookkeeping but felt nervous about what I should charge, for how many hours and whether I was just doing it because it was an opportunity and whether I really wanted to do it.. After spending a short period of time with Sarah, I came away feeling really clear and confident about my next steps. Not only did I come away with a great hourly rate, it works around the children but also gives me the freedom and confidence with getting back to work after a long period of time.

Ella - Book keeper, Somerset

I found working with Sarah just at the time I needed it most after recovering from a trauma and starting to think about returning to work and finding my new normal, when everything was far from normal. I was questioning what I really wanted or could do from a work perspective and found myself lacking confidence and self esteem something that never worried me before. Career coaching got me back on track, giving me the opportunity to reflect, clarify and positive energy to move forward.

Laura - Manager, Somerset

From a point in my life where I was not at a crossroads, not changing career or job, and stable in my family life, I was stunned by how much I had left unevaluated. The sessions were like coming up for air, and I had no qualms about making the time in a busy schedule to attend them. I looked forward to them and always left feeling I had got more out of them than I expected.

Carl Mintern - Director, Dorset

Through Dawn’s questioning and coaching techniques, I was able to encapsulate what I wanted to get out from the coaching and, through this, Dawn tailored each session to suit where I was on my journey.

Paul - Marketing Manager, Bristol

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