Time for you and your business

Time for you and your business

Tuesday 1st September - Monday 30th November 2020

This is part of 5 bitesize workshops which link together but does work as a standalone workshop.

You can be part of a group or on your own - it is your choice.

You will work out what is holding you back and use practical tools to get you moving forward.

Select the sessions you want to attend or book on all 5 and gain 1 to 1 coaching support between sessions to help you make faster progress.

Email hello@yourtimecoaching to book your place

Vision - Use your 'whole brain' and tap into your values to clarify your vision and make it part of your everyday life.

Mindset - Use the way you speak, move and think to enable you to achieve your goals

Time - Practical tools to take back control of your time

Goals - Understand why some goals work and other don't. Find the format that works for you.

Action - Pull it all together in the final workshop. Review progress and get support for challenges.

Each session is 2 hours long with half an hour at the end for questions and additional support.