Transferable Skills What Is That About?

Sometimes I get asked about roles that they have done which isn’t similar to the role they want to go for now and will that be any use.

The answer is yes and everything you have done is always useful as it isn’t just the practical things which are useful but also how you manage work, how you manage problems, how you work with others to name a few.

I am a big believer that any kind of learning is helpful as you just don’t know when it can be useful. As previously mentioned, I ended up directing traffic when 2 lorries got stuck but I know if it wasn’t for the management experience I had and running busy retail stores during back to school then I know I wouldn’t have had the confidence to just jumped straight in and help out by myself. Directing traffic is the same as directing staff around a busy shop floor during back to school.

  • So what transferrable skills might you have that could be useful?
  • What have you done which you know you wouldn’t have been able to do if it wasn’t for something you did in a previous role?
  • What roles look interesting to you and what aspects could work for you?
  • How can you look at your past to ensure you explain how this can work in another role/another sector?

Reviewing what you feel is holding you back for that career change/new role can sometimes be the thing that need to explore. I bet you there are areas which you can certainly play to your strength when looking at a new career/new job role which you can certainly highlight in your CV and cover letter.

  • Do you find this a little bit overwhelming as career coaching can certainly give you the space you need to explore all of the above?
  • Why not take that time out for you to explore everything?

Looking at this can be feel so difficult but I promise you that the support is there and Your Time Coaching can help you at whatever stage you are at with you career. I have been there, I have had that dilemma of how my retail background can move into coaching.

Added: 8th June 2021