Feeling like itís a roller coaster ride?

Feeling like it’s a roller coaster ride?

Do you ever get those moments where it feels like a roller coaster ride where there are ups and downs and the seat belt isn’t keeping you there tightly?

Do you ever see the world around you doing the same thing as you but you feel things could be different but you are not sure how to go about it?

One of my coaching clients recently expressed her excitement about feeling like the roller coaster scary feeling is now more like the kids slow ride with the occasion water splash from the log flumes and how much better she was feeling.

Yes there is excitement, yes there are still moments of the fast ride but felt more in control of the speed, the direction and actually enjoying it more than being too scared.

I looked how she put this together and that is exactly how I want people to feel like they have got a bit more control of the ride they are on and ensuring they are enjoying it even if there are times where it feels a bit scary.

I am there to help you with those scary moments but also to help you plan that ride that you want to be on and not what you feel others want you to be on.

I am there to make sure the seat belt is done up tight and to hold your hand along the way.

I know I have a team around me that ensures I am looked after but it is my job to do the same to others through my coaching business.


Added: 9th April 2021