Why do I talk about Accountability?

Why do I talk about Accountability?

I have talked about Accountability before but it still comes up and I wanted to share this with you.
This is the part of my job that I love the most. I love working with clients and supporting them on their journey but the aspect they find useful is the regular check ins. It helps them keep on track and focused and ultimately accountable. I want them to grow as a person and for their business to grow too but not without the support of a coach, mentor or a business buddy.
Sometimes you know what to do and by when but you lose energy, drive or focus and that is when accountability comes into play.
You can also feel scared, nervous or overwhelmed but talking it through enables you to get that breathe of fresh air you really do need but also really deserve too.
I am currently working with my coach to change a few aspects of my business which will also help my work/life balance side (As my counselling qualification sets up I need to be prepared in how this pans out) and talking it through and making those key actions has helped me so much. I see the benefits from both sides and that is really important when helping clients is that I am also in their shoes too. This will never change as working with a coach, mentor or an expert is so important for me to continue to grow, my business to bloom but also for me to get that better work/life balance.
I actually look forward to sharing my progress with my coach but I know it is actually is because she cars, she wants me to grow and succeed. What I have found and mentioned before is that saying out loud my thoughts and ideas seems to help with my thought process but also help to make things feel real. So my regular check ins have helped more aspects forward at a faster but controlled pace and it has made me feel so much more lighter. Who doesn’t want that?

Sharing - power of saying it out loud - try it as it does work
Checks in keep you on track - this helps me share my wins and where I am right now
You can truly be yourself - this is the most important part for me as I want you to be yourself as the energy putting in trying to pretend to be someone else or what you think other people want you to be isn’t fair on you.
Someone is invested in you and really cares - this is so true from all the coaches I know. That is why they are doing what they do because they generally really do care
Investing in yourself in the long run not only helps with your mind but your business too - who doesn’t deserve this?


Added: 17th February 2021