Word for the year

Word for the year

I was introduced to having a word for the year last year by a very good friend of mine and it was an interesting format and something I thought would be worth having a try.
So last year I used it mainly when things were tough, struggling with lockdown restrictions but also when I needed to relook at my goals and future plans and it help me keep on track.

I am always reviewing and trying to simplify my world and this is something which seems to work well for me along side my vision board. So I decided to work with it again this year and wanted to share with you as it really has helped me be more focused in a manageable straight forward way.

So how did it work for me?
For me it was about working with and channeling the word that sits with my future plans. I needed something which sparked off my ideas and thoughts but also gave me that little bit of confidence when things were tough. It also helped me with my resilience without me noticing until now.

This year I have chosen ‘Embrace’ as my word for the year
It feels that with last year behind us and new opportunities growing and my future plans are coming into play even more I need to embrace what the future will bring to the table for me.I feel having the word ‘Embrace’ will help and support me but also allows me not to get bogged down in the crazy detail and embrace what comes along whilst still looking at the bigger picture.

  • Embrace the challenges that I face this year
  • Embrace the opportunities that come my way
  • How do I embrace how this feels?
  • Embrace the journey I am taking

So what is your word of the year?

How can you use this to support you this year?

Places you could have your word reminding you

  • Have it up on the board
  • On your phone
  • On your laptop
  • A reminder in your calendar
  • Even in your car
  • Don’t forget to tell others too so they can remind you

Sarah Hickling

Added: 20th January 2021