Getting ready for next year

Getting ready for next year

This year has been a funny kind of year for everyone. Not only have we had to adapt and change our routine but also had to put ourselves even more outside of our comfort zone.
I had great intentions and plans for this year. I have always like to have some clear short term goals that drive me forward in the direction I want to reach my long term vision and plans. I have always been quite an organised person but this year tested me even though I would say I am fairly flexible and resilient in my approach to work.
But when this 2020 was whipped away from under your feet over night it all become a bit surreal. Sometimes these things happen to individuals at different times but this happened to absolutely everyone all at the same time.

So what can I take from this?
Well I can take a huge amount from all of this as well as my better understanding on how I can cope when things are taken away from my control.
I know I can adapt, flex my work to suit everyones needs whilst working from home as well as ensuring I make time for self care.
If there was something from this is that I didn’t always prioritise this area and would just carry on especially as I throughly enjoy my work in helping others. But having a break even if it was to sit in the garden made me feel so much better and not so overwhelmed.

Can I make sure it doesn’t feel as harsh the next time (Hoping there will not be a next time)?
In my mind it will always feel harsh especially when the decision is taken from you even through you know it is for the safety of others. But what you can do is to continue supporting each other and picking people up when you see them suffering. We are not on own which I am hoping people have taken from all of this and we can be there to support each other.

What can I celebrate if anything from this year as a business and personal?
There is so much you can celebrate however small. I always ensure clients know this and to write all those key things however small. It is important for us to take stock, stand proud of the achievements and move forward with these for the next year. I am happy to have completed Level 2 in Counselling even when this was moved on to zoom. I am pleased that I have been able to continue coaching clients even if their preference was normally in person. I am thrilled at the clients who have taken huge steps in their career and it is paying off.

Can I plan better for next year?
I can plan that slightly better with a few options but I trust my values, my strengths and my adaptability in helping others with their business, their career and work overall their work/life balance. I trust that my short and long term goals can come and go and being flexible and adaptable enables me to slightly change when required.


Added: 2nd December 2020