Do you ever feel like.......

Do you ever feel like you are walking on a tight rope with the current lockdown news?

Do you ever feel like that you don't know where the rope is going to take you and that you are balancing so many things and worried that you are going to drop one?

This is how I felt at the weekend as well as feeling very angry and frustrated too.

Admitting that things are tough doesn't always come naturally to me but I am working on it and then boom the 2nd lockdown came in. But this 2nd lockdown has hit me harder than the first one even though I can easily from home and actually do enjoy that part. But I think it is the part of not being able to hug my family and friends - it is getting too much and I am very exhausted by it all. It’s that freedom of popping over to see my mum or my best friend which is harder than anything that has been taken away.

I know from talking to other people including business owners that they are feeling this way too and that I am not on my own.

Be open, be honest and please do ask for that support that you totally deserve. Even if it is rant and rave about the whole situation.

You are not alone in all of this and so it is important to reach out which is what I did and am very thankful for my friends.

I know why we are doing this and that is to protect the NHS and I would not want to stop that as they do an amazing job but I just wish this virus would do one!!

Added: 3rd November 2020