What’s Tony Talking About?

What’s Tony talking about?

I invested in some time recently where I was able to explore my ability, my strengths and how to move my business forward. It was something I signed up to last year with my friend Dawn. Investing in myself was so important and will be going forward but this time was something which was a little bit out of my comfort zone. I was supposed to have seen Tony Robbins in person but lockdown meant it wasn’t possible so he put as much as he could online and wow it was amazing.

I wasn’t really sure how it was going to pan out and even though I wasn’t able to commit to the full 4 days, the time that I did do was amazing. Some great material which I know I will be taking forward for me but also for when I am working with my clients. The material and ideas were all so useful and powerful as well. Tony has been in the industry for over 40 years supporting and coaching other people and he really made people understand why having a coach is so important and the tools which can be provided is so inspiring too.
He has so many stories and inspirational aspects which I will be able to share with others.

I have always said that doing it by yourself is really hard but he talked a lot about having a team around you and what a difference it can make.

Who doesn’t benefit from having the right team around you?

One of the key things was when he was talking about being in peak state. I kept thinking what is Tony on about but boy did it shift my thinking, shift my thoughts and shifted where I truly wanted to be. I will be talking more about peak state in my following blogs.

So now I know what Tony was talking about I am going to be sharing this with other people and especially my clients.

Tony’s words really helped me clarify even more on how I want to continue to inspire others and it is such an important part of life in work as well as my personal life.
I want people to be inspired and grow into their full potential and then some.

The investment in putting time aside to work on my business is so important and I am grateful for the spontaneous moment that Dawn and I had last year which was scary but it really did pay off.

So what investment are you going to put aside to help you and your business/career?

What does your team look around you?

Do you want it to grow? Change? Move forward?

There are so many questions and exploring avenues that I want to do for myself as well as helping others.



Added: 29th October 2020