Taking Time Out

Do you feel like you have to be on the ball all the time?

When running your own business how do you truly switch off?

Do you feel like you are running but in fact going at a snails pace?

This is how I felt back at the end of August and was struggling to keep my energy up and focus on my business before going on my holiday in September. I noticed that I haven’t even taken a week off since before lockdown and my mind was desperate for it.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why don’t we give into rest whilst working and not work 100% until holiday comes.

It’s funny how our minds can work. Once I had a week off, no social media, no counselling homework or coaching clients I was fully rested. I wish I had taken time off earlier on in the year but the lockdown threw things at me that I felt I couldn’t stop even if it is reading an article I feel I must keep going. Even though I know a full rest would help me and always tell my clients too.
I think the lockdown process hit me weirdly 5 months in rather than at the start. Not sure why but am aware that my weeks holiday away with some sun helped me refocused without needing a pen and paper.

What I learnt from this period is

  • I need to be kind to myself through my mindset
  • To take time off and not wait until a holiday away is booked
  • As the lockdown hit everyone is different ways, understand what has happened and even if you are working from home ensure you have to take some time off
  • Remove yourself from your office, laptop and social media for at least 1 day a week if not 2 days


Added: 6th October 2020