Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story

I have always talked about telling your story with my clients. You might wonder what this has got to do with coaching and how it works. Why do we even need to tell a story?

It was introduced to me by my coach Phil Bolton back in 2014 and I have always used it ever since when telling people about me. It allows you to highlight so much of you in such a short space of time and kick start those conversations and engagements.

Quite often my clients would say I don’t have anything interesting to say.

Firstly, you can’t assume what the other people might find interesting and secondly, pick out those unique aspects then of course it will be relevant and interesting.

I start getting them to really think of their achievements and projects they have been apart and not forgetting things they have achieved in their personal life. You have a story.

Be proud of your past and don’t shy away from your successes. It is all about sharing the journey and how you got to where you are now. Remember the past, what is currently going on in the present and then showcase the glimpse of your future. It is important to share where you want to go as that gives everyone of an idea of your intentions.

Sometimes it can be powerful to tell them when things haven’t worked out well as it really shows that you are prepared to be vulnerable, prepared to show that you gave it a go. Isn’t that more powerful then hearing that everything was perfect as we know that isn’t the case?

When you use it in interviews or when you are applying for roles it really can open up conversations. By writing your story down it is important to be able to share within a short period of time. It allows them to really get connected to you and you as a person.

Everyone has a unique story to tell and there are plenty of people ready to listen with me included! And there are plenty of people looking for inspiration and seeking ideas and hope and how amazing would that be that you inspired someone else to achieve great things.

Don’t shy away from telling you story as everyone is individual and everyone has walked a different path.

A recently watched a TedTalk by Dominic Colenso about ‘The Power of Telling your Story’ and he highlights so many interesting ideas and really backs up about what I want people to do.

So what is stopping you writing your story? 


Added: 1st September 2020