Not hearing right......

Not hearing right and the impact

When I was a baby I had pneumonia but it wasn’t until I was about 5 that my primary school teacher Mrs Allen spotted my hearing wasn’t very good. This was one of the effects from having pneumonia. Mrs Allen changed my life as I was then tested and I found to have some permanent damage which wasn’t repairable but could be managed with 2 sets of grommets over the years to help with the flow in my ears.

However, during the periods of my hearing not being great I missed out on some important learning and especially the basis knowledge of English (Nouns, adjectives etc), which in turn effected my abilities when it came to doing my G.C.S.E’s. But my English teacher Miss Longhurst spotted this and helped me to gain that important grade C so I could go onto University. She understood my style of writing and how I needed to adapt to ensure I reach that qualification of a Grade C.

What has been interesting since I have started writing and blogging is that most of it has gone out of the window. Because I can finally be me and express myself in a way that works for me and not worry about passing an exam.

Yes I will make sure the grammar is the best it can be but I can now write from the heart and actually sound like me and not someone else. The release I get has been so therapeutic and wish I had started it earlier.

Things I have learnt and thankful for:

  • That teachers have such an impact on you even 20 plus years later
  • Thankful for Mrs Allen and Miss Longhurst
  • You can release so much when writing from the heart and being yourself
  • The style of your writing is not important but what you are trying to say is
  • How therapeutic it is just putting words to paper


Added: 24th August 2020