What is Empathy

What is empathy

What is empathy and how useful it is when connecting with others

As part of my counselling course I am learning so many useful aspects which is supporting my coaching business. There is one thing that has been really interesting and useful and that is empathy. How it really works and what it can do for a person is empowering and enabling too.

My question to you is you may say that you are being empathic but are you really just being sympathetic?

Are you taking it away from them and putting it on you and then making it all about you?
Why would that be a problem? Are you not just supporting what they are saying?
This is where the confusion comes in but it is really important to know the difference and how it can help you with anyone you come in contact with. How does this help with connections and future conversations with others?

I asked this question as I needed to know what the differences are and how being empathetic is more important than ever when being the helper/counsellor in training. I wanted to know how by being more empathetic can help my coaching clients too.

You may ask that you think sympathy is enough and surely this is but when you have a session which you receiving empathy it really does make a difference. You are truly being heard and supported. To have time with someone who really truly listens and has the ability to show empathy does make a difference for the person receiving it.

It does however take time to understand empathy, to learn how to really feel how they are feeling and then in turn show them through your conversations.

I know the benefits from receiving empathy as my training continues and it can provide you with a place to off load. I know already the impact it is having on my coaching clients as I provide them even more space to talk than before, time to discover and unpick their thoughts and then put into an action plan.

I have found that I am learning to be more empathetic and use less sympathy and knowing that it takes time to adapt to this. But make you have the space, time your time and really listen to them.

If you want to learn to more then I highly recommend Born for Love by Bruce Perry.




Added: 4th August 2020