What are your needs? Have you looked at them recently?

When you are in lockdown and your flexibility is restricted, you may find that you start to question what is actually important.

  • Is it your work?
  • Your home and possessions?
  • Time with your family and friends?
  • Being creative?
  • Or all of the above?

What is apparent is that your basic needs aren’t - we all need water and food but the top layers of the pyramid is where there can be some differences for everyone.

What is apparent is that everyone is different and after your basic needs are met we may need different things to help us feel more fulfilled and achieve our potential. This lockdown has shown me how important quality time with my family and my partner is and along side that, time and space for me.

Having moved all my work into my home rather than in coffee shops or office spaces. It was important for me to make sure I took time out for my own mindset, my own strength as well as my health.
I have put a routine in place to ensure I don’t end up working 24/7, I’ve made time for my family and friends (obviously via video call) and also time for me and my partner and not forgetting Bella.

I am fortunate that I have to go out every morning to walk Bella however I found this wasn’t enough to feel fully relaxed as always find driving gave me great head space to be creative and work through things especially those journeys where you have done the route hundreds of times.

A tool which is really useful and also something I share with some of my clients is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It breaks it down into Physiological Needs (Water, Food, sleep) right through to Self Actualisation (True full potential, self fulfilment, personal growth)
It is an interesting way of looking at your foundations and what is important to you.

Coaching is a great way of looking at everything; career, opportunities you want to go after or reassessing what you really need.


Added: 28th May 2020