Being prepared for yours and your teams return to the new normal


Business owners are facing unprecedented challenges at the moment. For those with a team to look after there is additional pressure. You may have adapted your business model or put new policies in place to get you through the lock-down phase, or you may have had to take more drastic action putting the customer facing part of your business on hold. Either way if you rely on your team to be the face of your business now is the time to plan the next step and ensure your doors open smoothy as soon as you are able to, so…

How you will manage the return of your staff once they are able to physically come back to work?

  • Will your team be energised and ready to go or will you need to give them a boost?
  • What preparation can be done via video calls now?
  • How do you get yourself ready, both practically and emotionally?
  • Once you are operating in the new normal how will you communicate and manage expectations of your team and monitor morale?

There will be lots of considerations specific to your own business but the underlying point is the same; we may not know exactly what the new normal will be but your plan should have your team at the centre so you can support each other and know you are not alone getting back on track.

We have continued to work with clients on their business but clearly their short term business and personal goals have had to shift and that’s ok. Goals should be adjustable if circumstances around you change. As long as the foundation for your goals - your purpose is right then you will always be able to move forward.

We do not have a magic list of do’s and don’ts but we can offer you an objective sounding board, accountability, practical advice on operational aspects and engaging training for your team either now on-line or in those first few weeks back at work.

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Added: 14th April 2020