Why it works - Accountability

Why it works…..Accountability

It has become more apparent to us as we enter our 4th year as Your Time Coaching that what a lot of business owners and managers within businesses need is someone to hold them accountable. Not adding blame or pressure but as an accountability partner ; someone to listen bounce off ideas and constructively challenge them in the first stages, then continue to be there doing the same as they make it happen.

My last blog talked about how I found ‘accountability' an uncomfortable word because of the negative connotations sometime associated with it but I’ve learned to love this word now as more and more clients have asked us to take on this role with them.

These are people who know their own business and their role within the business, they know what they want to do with it but are stuck when it comes to pulling together an action plan and crucially putting it into action!

This is particularly important for people working on their own. They want someone objective to talk through their ideas with, they want someone to know their plan and time frames. When the deadlines are approaching having someone to check in with, keeping you on track, is so valuable. Putting off that task you’ve been avoiding becomes harder when you have to explain to someone else why!

  • Have you ever felt like you are alone and miss the support you used to get in a team?
  • Don’t know who to ask for help?
  • Know your ideas but not sure how to action them?
  • Do you put off things then when you finally face them realise you could have done it faster and better if you’d tackled them earlier?

Having an accountability partner, knowing someone has got your back can strengthen not only your confidence and efficiency but your whole business.

Your Time Coaching can hold you accountable and empower your world.


Added: 5th March 2020