The word accountability used to make me feel quite uncomfortable. I am not sure if it is because the word account is in it which to me means money and being sensible!

But since becoming a coach I have found out very quickly that this word is so powerful and actually a big part of what I love doing with my clients.

I can be the person they bounce off. I encourage and support them as they reach their goals. I’m there to check in, review, work through actions, if it’s in my skill set I can do it.
This isn’t new for me but before becoming a coach I would have felt a lot of responsibility for their goals. Now I understand the power of being there but not taking on that responsibility - that does not help either of us!
Being the person who can help my clients to ultimately be accountable to themselves is the biggest win.

I use a carefully chosen group of friends and colleagues to help me be accountable for my progress towards my goals - everyone needs someone!

A recent client said this about the way we had worked together:

"To find someone who can support you on your journey through business - and life! - who genuinely cares about you and whether you succeed has been incredibly rewarding and crucial in getting my business to where it is today.
Running your own business can be tough and lonely sometimes, but having someone in your corner who carries no judgement and expertly wills you on at every step is worth its weight in gold.
I look forward to every session with Sarah as I know it will give me and my business the boost in the right direction every time. Thanks for everything Sarah! x”

Added: 4th February 2020