Sarah and I talk all year about re-evaluating and setting goals. However there is an obvious pull at this time of year - the call of a fresh start and new beginnings is strong.

In my house we don’t set New Year Resolutions, instead my partner and I have for years made a ‘list for the year ahead’ which we share with each other on New Years Day… at the pub. The location is important, not just because some of the more ambitious plans would not have come about without a few pints of Guinness! But because we created a ritual, something that happened in a certain way, at a certain time. It gave us a frame work and reminded us we should stop and re-evaluate in a way that was personal to us. The lists we came up with included the big and the small, the personal and the work goals - everything from new career and travel dreams to promises to do more housework (that’s mine not my partners!!)

We managed this every year until 2015 when having become parents in the previous November our only goal was to keep a little human alive and then by de-fault survive and become relatively successful parents - if there is such a thing!

Since then we easily got back onto the habit of doing the lists because we missed it. We missed the structure and the focus on direction but more importantly we missed the cue it gave us to look back and celebrate what we had done.

This was way before I became a coach and I’m privileged now to be the person that many people choose to share their list/dream/goals/intentions with. Along with that privilege comes a responsibility just as it does between my partner and me;

When someone shares their dreams and their intentions we have a responsibility to really listen to them. Not to comment, tweak, judge or share our own dreams, just to listen. Once they have finished it’s up to them if they want you to help. It may be enough to say it out loud or they may want your support, to simply to remind them every now again it doesn’t matter, what matters is they have had the chance to say it out loud.

Sharing your goals with someone is a powerful way to move closer to achieving them. Verbalising them helps you gain clarity and choose your own words. It gives an answer when the voice in your head questions what you are doing and sparks a doubt in you.

Maybe you can look for someone to share yours with?



Added: 7th January 2020