What is Success?

What is Success?

The dictionary definition is ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’ but what does this mean to you and to me?

This was a conversation Dawn and I were having with a client a couple of weeks ago and it really made us all think about how we measure our own success. It brought up more questions than answers and here are some of them…

Are there different levels of success?
Does how we measure and celebrate success change or time or in different situations?
Is success related to happiness - what does it feel like?
Does success have to have an end result or resolution?
How important is validation from others when measuring your own success?
Is it ok to measure success in terms of financial reward?

Everyone thinks of success in slightly different ways. But one thing we have found to be consistent is that the majority of us do not celebrate our success, for a so many even stopping and recognising that there has been a success just doesn’t happen often enough.

Here is a suggestion:

Stop and think about what you want and why. This doesn’t have to be a massive life plan it can be about apparently simple everyday tasks.
Recognise the time and energy you put into it
Consider the rewards to yourself and those around you from what you do.
Recognise your progress whoever small and find a way to celebrate it

We would love to hear what you are celebrating this week.

Please get in touch if you would love that support in celebrating success. hello@yourtimecoaching.com


Added: 6th December 2019