Dare to Lead

Dare to Lead

As I moved away from managing people in the corporate world and then from a smaller independent business I realised I missed having a team around me. I enjoyed that connection, being there for my team and helping them grow as individuals.

Well into our journey now as coaches we regularly look back at what we have loved and done well to help inform the next step. Recently I recognised that I was really good at being a manager and I understand now that I was not only a ‘manager’ but also a ‘leader’; supporting and inspiring the people around me.

But can I still be a leader even though I don’t have a team?
What does a great leader actually mean and what is involved?
How do I continue to inspire others even if they are not a client?

I have been reading “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown and she has taught me so much about being a leader. You don’t have to have the ‘manager’ title or any in fact any title. You don’t have to have employees or even be part of a structured team. You can achieve this in your everyday life whatever you do.

Brene Brown is an inspirational women whose knowledge of vulnerability and shame is incredible. The way she describes these words, and what they mean is empowering. She has really struck a cord with me, making me see I can let myself be more vulnerable and allow my qualities as a leader to be recognised, even without a team.

A leader is someone who…“Takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.” Brene Brown.

I am learning not to be scared even when I haven’t done something before. Putting myself out there will only make me grow as a person and that courage will make me stronger. This is something I can use to inspire others and encourage them to become leaders too.


Sarah Hickling - Career and Business Coach

Added: 31st October 2019