3 little things

Just 3 little things …

Sometimes when you are working hard and running a busy life you can forget to come up for air. You are focusing so much on what is ahead of you that you don’t look at the day you are still living.

Everyday we take for granted the good things we have skimmed over the things we achieved, focusing instead on failures and what is missing. Things that made you smile can be forgotten in an instant, replaced by the things that went wrong and fears over what may happen next.

I started this exercise earlier this year when life was really busy, I knew I needed something to help me focus on the positive but didn’t know how to do it. This is what I did:
I set my phone up to alert me 9pm every evening and I wrote down 3 things that I felt grateful for, or had made me smile - however small they were. I incorporated work meetings that went well or activities at home like making scones. I thought of things I had seen like a beautiful view or a song that had made me feel good.

3 months later I’m hooked. Now I find myself writing before the 9pm alarm goes off as I am excited to do it. Why? Because it makes me feel good to remember these things. By writing it down I relive that memory and the positive chemicals released by my brain at the time are released again.
Recalling these things at night before I go to sleep I give myself a positive end to the day, focusing on this rather than any negative thoughts that may be distracting me. I then take this with me into the next day.

Dawn was given this exercise ‘to look to the lovely’ as part of her yoga and mindfulness training and has been doing it for a while now too, it has really helped us both focus on the positive and get set up for the next day - what ever it throws at us!

What are you grateful for?
What helps you keep your focus?

I would love to hear about your 3 little things - just send me an email and I know it will end up on my 3 little things :-)

Sarah - sarah@yourtimecoaching.com

Added: 10th September 2019