Building a data base or library of examples from your career is essential if you want to move forward. It may be refreshing a CV, going for an interview, or introducing yourself at a new networking event. Whatever it is, you need to be able to recall these situations in a confident, authentic way.

S.T.A.R is a great format which I use with my career clients. It helps them get everything down on paper including all the relevant details.

Situation - What was happening? Who was involved?
Task/Target - What were you required to achieve or what did you set yourself?
Action - How did you deliver it and what techniques, experience and qualities did you use?
Result - What was the outcome and what was achieved?

It’s my job to dig out the details. Something may not have been a big deal to you at the time but a potential employer may look at those situations differently.

It is surprising how many you forget so get into the habit of recording examples throughout the week. Just a few notes using this format can be enough to create a strong story when you need it in the future.

You have a very tight time frame to make an impression either face to face or on a CV. We all know first impressions count and when it comes to CV’s layout is very important but so is the content of those first few lines. The average CV is scanned for less that 10 seconds before a decision is made on it.

Having a choice of examples means you can tailor a CV to a specific employer and be ready with sound answers in an interview, really showing them the best of you.

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Added: 4th August 2019