Donít be shy in showing your strengths

Show us your strengths!

When working with my career change clients, many of them feel uncomfortable when I ask them to tell me their strengths. Either they feel they are showing off and start to play it down or they think what they have done or what they are good at is so specific to a previous role it cannot possibly be relevant to anyone else.

I ask them to think of it like this; build up a record of everything - big team projects and times you worked alone, things that went well and things that didn’t. It’s like a data base of things you have done or been part of and where you contributed your skills and knowledge. From here your strengths will start to shine through.

A strength sets you apart…

It can be something that motivates you or something you notice you do regularly and well. It may be your enthusiasm, your creativity or your patience, your discipline…it’s a varied list and I help my clients get to the list of strengths unique to them.

Don’t be shy showing what you have achieved, and be proud of what you have done. It showcases you at your best and helps you stand out as someone a potential employer wants to talk to and find out more at interview.

Go for it!!

Added: 23rd July 2019