What's this NetWALKING all about?...

Sarah and I have found huge support and inspiration from networking groups over the past few years. Being able to share a problem in a safe and honest environment, getting that boost when you need it most, insights from other business owners - all so valuable.

Since before our coaching days Sarah has been meeting a group of friends for walking trips, over time as their lives changed this group of friends changed careers or became entrepreneurs but the walking trips remained. They found a space walking out doors to share ideas, hopes and dreams. Inspiration flowed from the energy of walking, fulled by the fresh air and walls were climbed - literally and psychologically.

A couple of years ago we were told about a coach in Portsmouth who was using walking as part of her coaching sessions. She was also running a ‘netwalking’ group….we were intrigued and gave her a call. We found a kindred spirit and asked if she would mind if we started our own group…I guess we didn’t have to ask, its just walking and talking after all but it felt like the right thing to do!

So Netwalk Sherborne was born. Every month we are privileged to be joined by an eclectic group of business owners, entrepreneurs and some who haven’t taken that leap yet!

We swap business cards but thats about as formal as it gets. Everyone that comes leaves more energised, productive and glowing from the fresh air (the cake may help too!) If you are local come along if not start your own group - give us a call we are happy to help you.



Added: 30th May 2019