Adding to your foundations

While juggling 2 roles; my business and working for someone else running their business, it became harder and harder each day to keep my focus. At times it didn’t feel like I was moving forward with my own business at all, and finding the energy and time to do both was exhausting.

Having had a mentor through the last year made all the difference to me. It meant I didn’t feel like I was on my own and kept me stepping up a gear at the right times. One piece of advice in particular really sticks with me:

Even if you just do one thing or add one element to own business every day, you are building on top of the foundation you have already started on. It doesn’t matter how small that one thing is, it is still moving your business forward.

This was invaluable to me as it stopped me beating myself up and enabled me to focus on that one key thing each day and to do it well. It didn’t matter if it was an email to a contact or reading a paragraph in a book for research or an instagram post. It was always moving my business forward to my end goal.

This amazing advice was passed on by my mentor Tim Elliott and is from a book he had read called “The One Thing” by Gary Teller and Jay Papasan. I highly recommend this book as it really helped me break down my goals into achievable actions and kept me moving forward. Having now made the leap to full time coach I am still using this advice for all my new goals!

Added: 28th March 2019