Let's Celebrate

As International Women’s Day approaches it struck me that I am extremely lucky to have been surrounded by amazing and strong women as I grew up and this has continued with my friends and family members. This is not the case for many women in the UK and around the world and it is so important that we recognise this and support International Women's Day. It isn't about saying women are better than men but it allowing us all to be equal as people.

I personally feel I have extra strength having 2 older (and bigger!) brothers, who would do all the usual brother things meaning I had to learn to fight back, at the same time learning I could stand up on own two feet. I am grateful to have had them there as I don’t believe I would have been as strong minded and strong willed if it wasn’t for them. This has carried through and when things haven’t been good for me they have always been there no matter what.

It can be harder for a women to achieve what she wants and tap into her self confidence but what I also know is there are a lot of people out there who are ready to support you on your journey and are ready to have your back.

So go after that dream job, save for that holiday or just take a few minutes out for yourself - what ever it may be, surround yourself with inspiring humans who understand what you want, what you need and who you are.

I want to thank those who surrounded me through my childhood and right through to my coaching days. Now I get to be part of other peoples teams - helping them discover their strengths and getting on the path they want to be on.


Added: 8th March 2021