Have you ever experienced that moment .

...when you couldn’t be you, or the best version of you, or you felt suffocated or stuck?

Or that moment when you realise something isn’t right but you couldn’t put your finger on it?
Well I have had that moment a few times but in particular back in 2013. I did feel suffocated and stuck, and at times very alone.

People had noticed I was different but didn’t say anything. I didn’t ask for help and put on a brave face. I was in a very busy and demanding role and thought it was down to the craziness of Retail. But when I returned to being a happy, bubbly and vibrant person enjoying a better work/life balance, people around me realised they had missed me; my energy and the positive impact I had on others.

I know myself more than ever now and can look back and see that it was in fact part of my journey and a big part of why I do what I do now. Sometimes you just need some space, to talk things through with someone impartial. But when you are in that moment you just don’t know what to do.

My Coach who supported me through this journey made me understand that talking is my medicine. And being open and honest about needing to talk through my journey was just as important as the steps I took and am still taking now.

So I am forever grateful for that experience and you are probably asking why.
Well it made me really think about my future, why I love helping others and how it supports me now.

I do wonder if I had someone like me while I was still immersed in the corporate world what would I have been doing now?

I do believe I would have still ended up being a coach but maybe my journey wouldn’t have been so tough and unsteady. But hey I have come out the other end and now I'm throughly enjoying supporting others on their journey  - as I have been there myself!



Added: 5th February 2019