Say it out loud - It worked for me…

It’s that time of year where people set goals or decide to give something up for January. We all have the right intentions to kick start the year but how many of us actually stick to it?

Something happened to me last year after learning more about how our brain works and I started saying my goals to my dog Bella on our morning walks. You may think it’s weird but it worked! Saying it in my head just didn’t cement it properly but hearing my own voice out there getting more sure and confident about what I was saying worked some real magic.

It is funny really as I always chat away to Bella but I have learnt that talking about my goals makes them real and helps keep me focus and stay on track. If you don’t have a furry friend then try talking out loud in the shower or even record it on your phone.

Of course there was more work to do first. If I hadn’t lined up my goals with my values and made them enjoyable to work on then no amount of good intention and talking out loud would have worked!

So after some great success last year I will definitely will be continuing with this into 2019 and continuing to learn more about this amazing tool we all have.

Added: 3rd January 2019