Life Coaching

Life Coaching

If you feel stuck, unfulfilled or not in control and you are ready to do something about it, then you are ready to talk to me.

You may have a talent you don't use, a dream never achieved, a business idea never realised, not enough time to focus or all of the above.

You feel frustrated with yourself and maybe with those around you who don't get why you are not 'happy' with the life you have.

You are not in crisis. If we never work together you will be fine, but who wants fine?

I have been 'officially' life coaching since 2016, but I've been coaching for far longer. I quickly learnt, when I started to train as a coach, that being a good listener is essential but it's not enough on its own. Being a mentor, sharing experience and advice is helpful and I do it when needed, but it's not coaching.

One of my clients described sessions with me like 'coming up for air' and he got it so right.

I coach by creating space to think.

I don't judge, but I do ask questions.

I am here to challenge, give you accountability, and to keep you moving forward.

I'm on your team and that means I'm there when it's going great and when it's not.

I will ask you to look back at the past to help you understand how you make decisions and to inform your next steps. We may also look at your self-confidence by exploring your inner critic and what is holding you back. However, I am not a counsellor or therapist and if we find that you need extra support, we will take a break and pick up again when you are ready.

Coaching with me is a partnership; you sign up based on time and progress not hourly sessions. What we do, how often we see or speak to each other, whether we walk and talk, video call or email, is flexible and can evolve as we go.

Get in touch to find out more. No charge and no obligation. Once we know we want to work together, I design a package that suits your needs, time and budget.

Life Coaching

Partnership Packages

  • 1 to 1 session every 2 weeks or more frequent when required. Face to face in the local area - walking sessions are popular. Or we can use phone or video call. However we do it, they will last between 1 and 2 hours.
  • After every session, I will send you a summary of what we covered. This will include the actions you have decided to do before our next meeting. Commitment to these actions between each session is vital to your progress forward.
  • Between sessions, I am available by phone or on-line for check-ins depending on what you need.
  • If you get where you want to go sooner than you expected, fantastic! You can use the remaining time to look at something new or bank it for up to 1 year.
  • I offer single sessions once we've worked together so you can check in if you want to as your journey progresses.

A 3 month partnership is £600

Ideal if you know what you want to do, but don't know where to start. If you need someone to help you plan, stop procrastinating and make it happen. I will help you to break down your goal into manageable steps and set milestones you will achieve. I support, challenge and keep you accountable.

If you need to do some digging first, we may need more than 3 months and can put together a bespoke package. We will work out what motivates you, re-discover your strengths and understand your values.

From a point in my life where I was not at a crossroads, not changing career or job, and stable in my family life, I was stunned by how much I had left unevaluated. The sessions were like coming up for air, and I had no qualms about making the time in a busy schedule to attend them. I looked forward to them and always left feeling I had got more out of them than I expected.

Carl Mintern - Director, Dorset

Through Dawn’s questioning and coaching techniques, I was able to encapsulate what I wanted to get out from the coaching and, through this, Dawn tailored each session to suit where I was on my journey.

Paul - Marketing Manager, Bristol

Dawn has been helping me develop both personal and business objectives. She uses a variety of techniques which has helped me to focus on my goals and strategies for success.

Helen Brown - Digital and Business Consultant, Sherborne

Dawn initially helped me to reflect, so I was able to identify where I had made choices which did not suit my values…This was a really valuable exercise and with Dawn's help, I feel I have the tools and understanding to make the right choices for me …and have a clear direction for the coming months

Charlotte Postle - English Teacher, Bristol

After years of confusion in what I want to do in life, Dawn has helped me to focus my thoughts and and I now have much greater clarity of my future ambitions.

Tim McKenzie - Operations Manager, Bristol

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